Benchies X Sàltment Collaboration Announcement and Interview

At Benchies we are always looking for new ways to WOW our customers. Please welcome our Special Edition snacks with Ting Tong Thai spices. This flavour was born in collaboration with Sàltment brand from Nottingham. Instead of 1000 words just read our interview with brand owners.


Q: Please introduce yourself?

A: We are Karolina and Jason and we are the founders of Sàltment. Jason has been a professional chef for over 15 years now and I am Fund accounting assistant who loves to cook and eat. We are passionate about good, rich flavours and that’s why we decided to start Sàltment.


Q: How and who came up with such a brand name?

A: I think we both did it in a way. One evening we were just drafting different ideas to find a unique name for our brand. That evening Jason suggested a name and we both agreed on it. However, when I started creating our logo design a slightly different name - Sàltment was born.

Q: Spices market is huge. And a competition is massive. What makes Sàltment to stand out?

A: Our spice blends are hand crafted using the best spices that we could find on the market. We do not use regular table salt in our blends as many of our competitors do, we choose more natural salts like Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, French salt etc. Jason’s experience in high standard kitchens all over the world and his exceptional taste for flavour is major part of our spice blend success. All of our spice blends have distinctive tastes that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


Q: Names of your spices are so different! Ting Tong Thai, Lucky 13, Ginger Ninja. What’s the inspiration behind?

A: We start thinking of the names during the spice blending process, for example Lucky 13 name is based on us using 13 different spices in the blend. It might seem that number 13 is opposite of lucky but you would think otherwise after tasting this blend!

Q: You work hard on Sàltment to make it successful. What is your personal motivation?

A: We have always wanted to have our own business; we work well as a team and we had a few other business ventures in the past. I think the biggest motivation for us is each other.


Q: You wake up in the morning and have a strong decision to make a new spice blend. What is the process from the beginning to the final product?

A: Firstly, we choose what flavour we want to achieve, where would we use it and how can we stand out with that flavour. Because of Jason’s flavour knowledge it is easier for us to combine the spices that work well together. We write down the list of spices that we are going to use and then try to work out the ratios, which is the hardest part of the whole process. Finally, when we are happy with the blend, we start using it in different dishes to see where the flavour carries out the best.

Q: What is the ultimate goal you want to reach with Sàltment?

A: We want to be #1 Spice Blend company in the UK. With our unique flavour combinations, exceptional taste and branding.


Q: You approached Benchies for a collaboration. How did you find us and why you decided to collaborate with us?

A: We were just scrolling on Instagram when we came across your profile. We’ve always been fans of collaborations with small family run businesses like yourselves and also we thought peanuts would go so well with our spices so we just slid into your DM’s.

Q: How would you feel if Elon Musk will approach you to supply Sàltment spice blends to the group of people who will live on the Mars?

A: It would be amazing as our spices already are out of this world!


You can buy this Ting Tong Thai Special Edition snacks directly from Sàltment Etsy store and from our Benchies shop.

And make sure that you will discover Sàltment Instagram!