Our Story


We always been obsessed with snacks especially roasted peanuts. You know, having a pint of Guinness with salted peanuts on the side is the best you can have to spend a good time. But there is a but.

Most of the peanuts you can buy at the supermarket unfortunately are not healthy. They are fatty, cooked in the oil at the high temperature, just gross. There is no way we can stay fit. Who wants a belly? We don’t.

And a big deal for us is that only a few flavours are available. We are both gourmands and love to try delicious cheese, truffles, pickles and etc. Why not to make Rosemary and Sea Salt peanuts and other delicious flavours?!

There is a myth that peanuts are not good for you. But it’s not about peanuts, it’s the way they are processed at the factory. After a deep research we educated ourselves about nutritions, healthy food, artisan roasting and peanuts to find out the best recipe.

Not many days after we roasted our first trial batch of peanuts following all the healthy guidance and the result was beyond our expectations. People who care about their health deserve to try those artisan roasted peanuts! How to make them super healthy? Keep them organic.

And we decided to start Benchies brand. Why Benchies? Well, we love to visit different pubs around the UK and the most common seat you can find at the pub is a wooden bench. You got it!

Who we are? Alex and Karina, husband and wife, married for over 10 years. Natively Russian speaking and Scotch minded people enjoying our mid 30s lives in Edinburgh. Love to spend our free time in the middle of mountains hunting for gold with the metal detector. And back home to roast another batch of organic peanuts with a flavour never existed before.